Saturday, 8 August 2009

I don't believe it.........

It's been a lovely day today so, up early, we took a ride to


some friends are getting married on 22nd so I hoped to find some shoes that looked a little bit presentable. I did. I won't be able to walk in them but they look OK sitting down. Keith got a lilac shirt (sometimes I worry about him, I do) and tie and after a cup of coffee and a look round my favourite shop, Lakeland, we thought, or rather I did, "Home before lunch just in time for Keith to mow the grass". Happy little bunnies we were. Until we saw what was on the car window: A PARKING TICKET! Every time we go to Lincoln we park in the same car park, and time and again I have asked if, displaying a disabled blue badge, we have to pay anything. No, they always say, just park anywhere. Today we managed to find a Disabled space empty so we parked in it and off we went, on our merry way. So now we've got a £70 fine. If I pay within 14 days it's £35. Well, there is no arguing with these people, you have to pay and that's that. You see, I truly don't mind paying if that's the rule but to have been told so many times I don't have to is infuriating. When did they change the rules I wonder? Grrrr!

Just wanted to let off steam!!!!!!!!!
Having had a good witter, I'll leave you to enjoy your Saturday Evening




Blessings each day said...

So now I can witter as I natter? You aren't teaching me any bad words, are you, Angie?

Actually, I am quite sad that you have to witter and I would witter too in this case. Did Keith witter also? That fine alone should have caused some wittering!

In your honor I am going to natter and witter with Michael later on.

Does this count as wittering now?

Can't you double check nad call someone about this ticket as it sure seems unfair???!

Lovely sketch of Lincolnshire...too bad there had to be a damper on your trip.

blessings and comforting hugs,


Eileen said...

Oh, that is so unfair!
It's sounds as if things are just as confusing over your neck of the woods as it is here! Things like that go on all the time here too! Ugh!

Other than that, you sound like you had a fine day! Glad you found shoes that you were happy with, and I like the sound of the lilac colored shirt!

All the best,

Marie said...

Angie, Angie, Angie . . . my heart goes out to you. The same thing happened to us in a Lidl's parking lot just before Christmas two years ago, except the fine was £100. Yeh, Merry Christmas to us. They had changed the parking times from 2 hours free parking down to 1 1/2. We were back 15 minutes early from our alotted time (or so we thought) and just caught the guy writing out the ticket. Five minutes earlier and we would have been ok and he wouldn't have started it. They can't rip one up after they have started it can they. Really miffed us to say the least! We hadn't seen any signs noting the change of time, but then found one, in really small print. I'm sure Keith will look lovely in the lavender shirt! xxoo

Andy said...

As everyone else has said thats just not on. A ticket for wearing a lilac shirt maybe but for parking--no way!

Andy xx

Patchwork Dragon said...

Sorry to hear about your parking should try writing to them to explain the situaion though...even if they say it still has to stand it's worth a try! I've managed to wiggle out of one myself that way.

Grammy Staffy said...

Oh dear...that is awful. I am sorry to hear about your misfortune. That seems so unfair since they have always told you that you could park there free.

I would witter too...if I knew what it was???

Thanks for the nice things you said on my blog today. You make me smile my friend.

Have a good week. Hugs, Lura

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I'm a bit behind in my journal reading but am slowly catching up. So sad that you had your lovely day ruined by a ticket. Somedays you just cannot win for sure. At least they give a discount if you pay early. So sad people take advantage like that and you cannot plead your case. Hope you've had a few more pleasant days now to make up for it.

GrandmaK said...

Delightful post!!! Thank you for you email...:) Cathy

Jan said...

That's bad about the parking ticket!
I love Lincoln and miss going there (when I used to live in Bourne it wasn't far)....bit of a trek from Shropshire though lol.