Saturday, 29 May 2010

Saturday 29 May 2010

This is the very last mention I am going to make of my recent unexpected stay in hospital and the only reason for the mention is that Keith has pointed out I forgot to tell you something. I'm beginning to wonder whose blog this is!

Anyway, I forgot to list, under all his other wondrous activities, this.......... almost empty laundry basket.
And this......... a completely empty ironing basket!  Yes the little paragon even did all the washing and ironing as well.  Heh heh I don't know how long it is since I've seen the bottom of this basket.
What about a Golden Pinney Award ?  He can even have a red carpet to parade on - as long as he hoovers it himself!!

It looks as though my Blogger Dashboard has been hi-jacked again, this time by someone calling themselves euroangel graffitti.   They're a pest aren't they?

Just a short entry!


Grammy Staffy said...

How cute is that that Keith not only did the wash and ironing.... he wanted you to blog about it. I think that all is just too precious. Our husbands surely can amaze us at times can's they!!!

I have no fear of John ever doing the wash or ironing. He doesn't know how to turn on the washer or dryer and has no idea where the iron is kept. If anything happens to me he may have to buy a whole new wardrobe once all of his clothes have been worn and are dirty.... or worse yet... he would probably keep wearning them dirt and all.

Before you make this your last post about being in the hospital you must tell us more....
1. what caused the problem that made you so sick?
2. why couldn't you get up that day?
3. are you OK now?
I want all of the details....all of them

Hugs, Lura

Jojo said...

I got behind on my blog reading so I had no idea that you were in the hospital. I'm so glad that you are out AND that dear hubby did so many things to make your hospital stay and homecoming so nice.

Hope you are feeling much better!

Andy said...

Blimey! What else can I say.


Kath said...

Good Lad Keith,tell him he can go into business with The Rooster he has always done the washing and ironing,they were made to when they were kids by his Mum LOL!!He's the best ironer from here to Timbuktoo LOL!!No kidding.Heeeeeee we have a pair a gud uns don't we Angie.Hope you are feeling much better.Take Care God Bless Kath xx

LYN said...



I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Your Keith is a treasure for sure. How lucky can you get? I'm not saying a stay in the hospital is worth it but seeing the bottom of the ironing is something we'd all like to see.

Decadent Housewife said...

Sorry you've been in hospital. What a great man you have there. Empty laundry hampers - wow!

Marie said...

Ok Keith, inquiring minds want to know. Do you do windows??? If so, you're hired!! Seriously you are a gem! Well done Angie. You have obviously trained him with expertise! (Behind every good man is an even better woman and all that!!) Am late getting to this as I was in Blackpool yesterday. It wasn't bad actually. A lot nicer than I had expected! Hope you have a great Sunday. Will Keith be cooking Sunday lunch?? If so, I'll be right over! xxoo

Sybil said...

What a paragon he is !! what a wonderful couple you are...behind every good man is a woman and all that LOL
Love Sybil x

Jasper said...

Yayy! Good on the K-Man; what a lovely lad.

Now, seriously. Has he confessed yet? Which treasured ornament of yours did he break? Which favourite show did he accidentally tape over? Hehehe...

We're so glad you're back in the blogosphere. Big love... xxxx

Ally Lifewithally said...

Could I please borrow your Keith for a year or two :o) Like Lura I would like to ask the same questions !!!! ~ Ally x