Sunday, 9 May 2010

Sunday 9th May 2010

First of all I want to thank you all so much for keeping my nephew, Kevin, in your thoughts and prayers.  He had his surgery last Thurday and although a tumour was removed from his spine it was found to be benign and so not cancerousThank God eh?  I don't know how long he'll be in hospital but if I had just come that far I wouldn't much care!

I just left a comment on Marie's Oak Cottage blog about how I really hate chicken wings.  It set me thinking of other things I totally dislike.........

Chicken legs - nope, you never can tell when you might eat something horrid (bit of gristle or sinew or maybe some skin).  In fact when I come to think of it, the only bit I DO like is chicken breast with all bones and skin removed.  Then I'll do whatever you like with it, short of eating it raw - boil it, poach it, grill it, fry it, roast it, put it in a pie or a casserole or a curryKeith used to work at the chicken factory in town and said that no part of a chicken was wasted.  Someone, somewhere in the world will eat the bits we won't even look at, even the feet and the beak,   YEUK!!

 Blue - not as in blue and white china, that's lovely, nor a nice rich navy blue or royal bluebut a brilliant sky blue like you see in  I do actually like the sky to be that colour but let's leave it there in its rightful placeLet's not paint the walls with it.  And let's not team it with yellow.

Whingers - which, for those whose first language is not "English" English, are people who are always moaning about something;  always complaining about things that don't matter in the great scheme of things.   Break a finger nail, forget something at the shops, get their hair wet,  miss the bus - the sky won't fall in!

Butterflies - yes, maybe it's me that's odd because most people adore them.  But honestly, I hate them, I'm terrified of them (and moths) and I would sooner stick pins in my eyes than stay in the same room as one of the vile, flappy creatures.  Can you believe that I can actually smell if a place has moths in it?  Truly, there is a 'mothy' smell.  I can't describe it any better.  It's not like anything, just a horrible, pungent pong.

Mess - I really don't like the place being a mess - and if my sis is reading this and DARES to laugh I may have to sue her!  I used to keep reasonably on top of it but since I've been mostly in my wheelchair I have to sit and watch things getting less than I would like them to beThe ironing, for example, tends to pile up, not so much because I can't do it (though it does take me much longer than it normally would), but because I can't get the ironing board out of the cupboard and put it in the kitchen.  That being so, a small pile soon becomes a big pile.  How I would love to sometimes go outside and sweep the paths around the house.  It would be lovely to be able to buff up our wooden floors now and again;  or clean the glass shower cubicle properly;  or pull out the stove to clean under and behind it.  A thousand things that need to be done but I can't really tell anyone but you, dear readers.  I can't expect Keith to do any more than he already does and friends and family have enough of their own to see to.   WHOA - WHOA - THIS IS WHINGING!



I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I'm so glad the surgery went well and it was not cancer. Thank the good Lord for His many blessings. From now on when I whine about my aching bones, I'm going to think about you. I don't have to be confined in a wheel chair like you so I have no excuses for the mess around my house. Bless you for reminding me today. Well you've a lot to be thankful for so just count those I always say, they are there somewhere if you take the time to look. I know you do!

Andy said...

Glad all went well with the surgery and as for mess, my life would not be complete with out it!

Anonymous said...

Hi Angie...I missed you while you were gone..and so glad that Kevin is doing well and there is no Cancer...thank you Lord!!! and like Ma...I will always think of you and Whingers when I whine about something LOL...and you remember what I always say..."if you come to visit ME..come anytime...if you come to visit my HOUSE...give me a couple weeks to get ready" for me and hugs from Ora...across the big pond!!!!!

StitchinByTheLake said...

So glad to hear about Kevin - and loved reading your post. I must say though...I do like blue and yellow together. :) blessings, marlene

Jojo said...

So happy to hear the news about Kevin. Blessings.

Now to the list - butterflies? Really?

Teacher's Pet said...

I have prayed and prayed for Kevin...and I'm soooo HAPPY to read the news that the tumor was benign.
A prayer of thanksgiving to the Lord tonight...for answered prayer...and for taking care of Kevin through this surgery.
I pray continued blessings on Kevin.
"Dear God...thank you so much for hearing and answering our prayers about dear Kevin. You are our marvelous and wonderful Creator, and I thank you for all You do for us. In Christ's name I pray.. Amen."
With much love,

Jan said...

So pleased for Kevin ,what a releif ,You have spoken about your dislike of butterflies before ,didnt know they smelt though ,Oh Angie you are priceless and we love you ,'worts anorl ' ,, Jan xx

Patchwork Dragon said...

Good news about the surgery Angie.

I'm with you on the chicken wings! What a waste of space they are. I do like chicken though, and I don't mind the drums and the thighs, but I'm incredibly picky. I have to take off all the skin and exam every mouthful before I eat it!

Something else I hate is people who can't open their mouth to say thank you regardless of the situation! There's lots of others too, but this will end up being longer than your blog if I carry on!

Jasper said...

Sweet Angie,

We are so, SO glad to hear about Kevin. You and the rest of your family must be HUGELY relieved. Jasper's next article for the local magazine is going to be about the time he took part in the Cancer Research "Race for Life". A great cause. We hope Kevin makes a quick recovery from his surgery and goes on to enjoy a long and happy cancer-free life.

We're 100% with you on the chicken legs - not worth it for the tiny fragment of acceptable meat on them. Jasper will eat anything; but me - NO fat or "bits" whatsoever - a bit like Jack Sprat and his wife, if you like! Sorry - but we like blue, even on walls. We are a bit messy (but not unhygenic)... and whingers should be rounded up and put in a pen somewhere. On an island far from here!

BIIIIG love Angel, from R&J xxx

Jojo said...

Just stopping by to say hi and hoping you are having a wonderful weekend. It's wonderful to read that Kevin is doing well.