Sunday, 25 April 2010

Sunday 25th April - please........

It's me - on the beg again.

Kevin, our nephew in Canada, has a tumour on his spine and is to undergo surgery on May 6th.  Until the surgical team takes a look inside they have no idea quite what the outcome of this will be.

Last year I asked your prayers and thoughts for his mum, Jill, who had ovarian cancer.  She lives to fight another day, though of course it'll be some time before she is quite out of the woods.  Your prayers helped her so much, not just in holding her before the Lord, but also in knowing that a worldful of people CARED.

Please will you do it again for her son?  He sent me an email on Friday saying he really feels the need of all the prayers and good thoughts he can get.


Sybil said...

Hi Friend, for sure I have put Kevin on my prayer list. I will be away from 5th-16th Maay on my first ever cruise so I won't maybe hear the result till I get home but he will still be in my thoughts and prayers. (although come to think about it I am thinking aout taking my little net book with me so I might be able to catch up!)
God Bless,
Love Sybil xx

Andy said...

My thoughts are with Kevin and his family. Being a cancer victim myself I can well understand the anguish.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Oh I will be praying. May the dear Lord bless him with a successful surgery and guide the hands of the doctors caring for him. May he have a speedy recovery too.

joolzmac said...

Dear Angie, pass on our positive, healing thoughts and good wishes and prayers to Kevin. I hope the outcome is good for him and his recovery is quick.

Regards - Joolz

Marie said...

Angie, you got my prayers for Kevin for sure!! I'll even put his name into our Temple. That will mean even more people are praying for him. I am more than happy to do so! It's nice to be able to give something back to you for a change! xxoo

ADB said...

Have relayed your request, Angie, and hope for the best for Kevin when he has his surgery on May 6th.


Jeanie said...

I hope and pray for a good outcome for Kevin. I too am a cancer survivor and know what it is all about.
God bless Kevin and keep him safe throughout his operation.
I will keep him in my thoughts and prayers.
Jeanie xx

Jasper said...

Lots of love and hugs going Kevin's way from us, Angie. Poor guy. It's bad enough to have your mum suffer but then to be struck down yourself... sheesh.

At least the docs are confident enough to operate, which has to be a spark of hope, albeit a small one.

Please keep us posted and we'll keep Kevin and his family in our hearts and prayers.

R&J xxxxx