Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Tuesday 20th April

"Post to Canada only takes six days," Mary assured me, airily, "Post a card air Wednesday, it'll arrive the next Tuesday.".  HA!  We reckoned without Icelandic volcanoes holding end-of-time rehearsals!   It does seem selfish to be concerned that a little birthday card didn't arrive.  Maybe I'm reading the wrong newspapers but I haven't seen anythng much about what effect all this must be having on Iceland itself or its people or farm animals or anything.  Maybe none at all.   Maybe their volcano is just flinging all this stuff up in the air to sprinkle us in UK and Europe and cause general mayhem.  I really would like to know they're OK though.

While he's waiting for his next project to occur to him (it will, it will) Keith has had to content himself with digging up the shrubbery at the bottom of the back garden.  It was only a small shrubbery of about 20 square metres but I liked it, dammit.  

This photo is an old one and the shrubs had grown and filled in.
I've no idea of the names of the shrubs in it but they were nice.   The sort of thing you think of with the term 'mature garden'. Now this little vandal has dug them all up.  And why?  So he can turf it and get his money's-worth out of his lawnmower, which has just been serviced and cost him sixty quid.  Logic?   Anybody?

Here's a picture of me with my brother and sister.  As long as nobody stalks them I don' suppose they'll mind

We had to buy a new telly the other day.  The old one was getting on a bit so we were not too surprised when it went on the blink.  We bought it when they first started with wide screens.  It was huge!  A great big fat,heavy Sony but at least you could actually turn it off without pulling the plug out!  It was that on/off switch that went.  The day we got the new one, my friend Judith happened along and, as the old one was going to be scrapped, she took pity on it and said she would have it in the hope her hubby would use it for watching football.  Well of course I just wanted to see the back of the thing so it went home with her.....unloved and unwanted!  Well guess which on/off switch has worked perfectly from the moment Judith plugged it in?

So nothing more to tell.  Well, I'm sure there is but it will only come to me at 3am.  Ain't it always the way?


Jan said...

Sods law about the tele isnt it ? lol You and your brother and sister are like me and mine ,two girls and a boy ,my poor brother John !having Jean and me to put up with , good luck with your little plot, now you are having oceans!... oceans ,well ya know what I mean of grass ..Eastenders so byee ..love Jan xx

Andy said...

Its the law of Mr S Oddie about the TV! Having been to Iceland the people there take things like volcanic erruptions in there stride. Have you heard the one about Kerry Katona being hit on the head by a packet of frozen peas, a Black Forrest gateaux and a pizza? It was the fall out from Iceland!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I never had a brother, but I was blessed with 6 sons, which were a new item for me but I did adapt. Thankfully the good Lord sent a daughter my way too. What a lovely picture of you all. Your luck with the TV sounds like something that would happen to me too. Hope the clouds hanging over there disperse soon so the mail and everyone can get back to where they should be. I don't think anyone will forget the volcano for a long long time.
Too bad about the shrubs that got torn out. They did look nice. The thing about them is that they do always need trimming. I'll be awaiting to hear of your Keith's next adventure.

Marie said...

Oh Angie, you do make me laugh with your adventures!! I have been wondering about the Icelandickers as well. (I used to live in a place called Gimli, in Manitoba. It was settled by the Icelandic peoples and they had a huge Icelandic festival every year!) Anyways, I digress. Tell Keith when he is finished playing around with all your bushes, he can come and sort ours out! haha, just saw Andy's joke, that's a good one! Sods law with the telly. SOunds like my kind of luck! We have a huge telly like the one you just bought and I love it!! Everything else just seems sooo small now! Loved the pic of you and your sibs! What a handsome lot you are! Love you loads, but then . . . you must already know that! xxoo

Robynn's Ravings said...
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Robynn's Ravings said...

Hey, I just inheirited one of those big monstrosities. The pictures not great but it's large! lol

I LOVE your yard and getting to see it. And I was surprised to see sky. To hear tell here in the U.S. you all are feeling your way around and can barely see each other! I did see on our Weather Channel that the die hards in Iceland (nearer to the volcano) who wanted to stay and were taking it in stride are now just covered in several inches of deep ash and have been forced to flee - not feeling too cheery, either. Very scary looking - very apocalyptic. Poor things. Lots of farmers have lost prime land. Can't imagine. I watch about this thing all the time.

I've always said we're just one volcano away from global cooling! :)

Robynn's Ravings said...

P.S. That was me removing comments because I cannot spell at 2:00 a.m.!

Patchwork Dragon said...

Hi Angie....great post as usual. I've just got one of those great big tv's too. Donated by a kind soul because my new flat one was stolen by an oik of the worst kind.

Apparently the volcano is only affecting about 300 people who live in the immediate area. It's on the south easterly side of the island, and the wind is blowing the ash away from the rest of the island....and we all know where it's going, don't we? (Heard that on the tv the other day!)

Blessings each day said...

Iceland just reminds us that we are affected one way or another with whatever happens anywhere, so you'd better behave so I don't have problems over here on this side of the lake, Angie!

Love the picture of you with your borther and sister...can see resemblances in different ways between all three of you...where they as mischievious as you?

Too funny about your television...guess it knew you didn't like it so I think this is its' way of sticking out its' tongue...such a naughty telly!

Your yard looks lovely but you may need to use some duct tape on Keith to keep him from sodding everything...he could really get his money's worth out of the mower if he sods the inside of your house too! :o)

blessings and happy hugs,


Blessings each day said...

Would have been a lot smarter of me to have checked my mistakes BEFORE I sent the comment!!!

Jasper said...

Angie - great posting (again). BUT - Jasper is very ANGRY. As you know - he stands up for ladies everywhere (particularly the prettier ones, like yourself) - and he is livid that the K-Man has mangled your lovely shrubbery. The sad irony is that what you've had removed is exactly what we want in our little garden - in the form of a raised bed - to grow vegetables in. And on the topic of raised beds - may we assume that naughty Keith has been confined to the spare-room/sofa for his destructive antics?

Nice pic of you and your siblings - you all have the same eyes! (Not literally, that would be terrible).

I want a great big telly, to watch my favourite cookery programmes on. Ruth says no - our living room is so tiny that one of those monsters would almost take up an entire wall and damage my eyes. Plus, she says that no-one should see Delia up that close. I disagree - lovely roast beef with HD quality and cinema surround-sound. Wahey!!

love from Jasper (and Ruth) xxx

Sybil said...

As Jan says Angoe it is just sods law that the telly would work for your friend !! Glad though that you got a new one and hope that it brings much pleasure. I had to buy a new one fairly recently as well which was just as well seeing that we went Digital a few weeks back and might well have needed a new telly then...I have a freidn who has been forced into at least an extra weeks holiday in Australia due to the ban on our aircraft flying....
Love Sybil x