Saturday, 24 April 2010

Wednesday 21st April - a hairy story

Now flipping heck and botheration, somebody's just pipped me to the post!  I was just going to sound off about the colour of my hair then I read someone else's blog and they already did that!  Let's hope they won't mind too much if I go ahead (ha ha ha, ho ho...go aHEAD.  I'm so sharp I should be careful not to cut myself!)  Reminds me of one cowboy saying to his hat "You go on ahead, I'll head 'em off at the pass".  Which further reminds me of my doctor asking me the other day if I could let him have a water sample sometime.  "No hurry," he said, "Just when you're passing."  He didn't see why I was creased up laughing.  That's true, that one.

Anyway, hair.  Mine used to be a goldy blonde colour, which matured by the time I was about 10 into a delicate shade of mouse, which photographed a sort of light copper colour.  I quite liked it and I never noticed any silver bits until I was about 40.  I covered them up by putting in some highlights.  Then the grey took a hold and the highlights couldn't handle it.

An all over colour took care of it but looked awfully 'flat' so I had highlights put in on top of that.  Keeping up that level of crowning glory was getting too expensive so, inspired, I thought I would let the colour grow out.  I was full of eager anticipatrion to see what it would have become.  I had a vision of it being a shining silver or even snowy white like my Auntie Edna!

WRONG!  It was clearly going to be more like mums.  Kind of a Brillo pad without the pink highlights.  The hairdresser decided my original natural colour had been light brown.  IT NEVER WAS.  She was unshakeable though and my hair ended up very brown looking, though I had asked that it be coppery blonde.

Could it be, do you think, that over the years I've been looking at my hair colour through rose tinted glasses?  Was I never really any sort of blonde at all?

Or is it that hairdressers just don't listen?  Everyone else seems to get the colour they want but me?  I have to have whatever the hairdresser wants to do.



I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I went to the brillo pad with some silvery streaks about 16 years ago. I had colored and highlighted my hair so many times and was never satisfied at all. I really think I just got lazy so I let it grow out. Little by little there are more white streaks coming but I don't care as it is me and I don't mind except when I look in the mirror now and then. The big trouble I have is getting a hair cut that I want. No matter how many times I describe what I want, I can never get it. I guess we should just be thankful we have hair to do something with, but it's not easy.

Jojo said...

Never in my life did I think that hair would become my hobby but in some ways it has and it has become one of the most expensive hobbies ever! For the first time in years, I've found a hairdresser with color skills (a colorist they are called now) and I love what she does with my hair but she comes with a price tag.

Keetha Denise Broyles said...

It's a CARDINAL rule of blogging - - - you MAY talk about your hair anytime you wish IN SPITE of how many others have already done it.

I promise.

I have a great hair dresser now who listens to me and my hair turns out just like I want every time - - - but before - - - I came home frustrated with my hair unless I DID IT MYSELF, which isn't want I'd recommend.

Marie said...

ahhh . . . hair colour, or lack of it. Great post Angie, and told with your usual wit and wisdom! I grew up with dark brown hair, and always wished that I could have auburn, or blond or some other equally as exotic sounding colour! I get greyer and greyer as the years pass though and have really noticed a different this past year. I don't want to colour it though. I've seen too many ladys masquarading as skunks walking around, or is it the other way around?? No mind, the white streak down the middle is not for me! I believe I am just going to go gracefully grey in a natural way. I have a friend with a beautiful white halo of hair. It's just gorgeous! I wonder could I be so lucky?? Here's hoping! xxoo